PT Pipit Mutiara Jaya

PT Pipit Mutiara Jaya Industrial Photo
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PT Pipit Mutiara Jaya

Pipit Mutiara Jaya founded over 30 years ago. With over 10 privately held companies to date—to name a few: engineering, mining, palm seed plantations, freshwater prawn fisheries, and transportation and logistics—and over 2,000 employees, they attribute their multiple successes to perseverance and hard work, having built their businesses, literally, from the ground up. The company started in commodities trading. Over time, they developed and grew their mining and engineering interests, making Pipit Mutiara Jaya a prominent cornerstone of business in their home city of Tarakan, Kalimantan. Pipit Mutiara Jaya is a progressive mining company that is also built on the core belief that we do business with an awareness of—and respect for—the environment and community that we exist in. We leverage natural resources in an environmentally sensitive approach, and we aim to help the surrounding communities by donating a percentage of profits to training programs for the people and development initiatives for these communities.

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