PT Cipta Integra Duta

PT Cipta Integra Duta Company Profile
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PT Cipta Integra Duta

PT Cipta Integra Duta, known as INTEGRA, was previously part of the IBS Group. with its vision of “Welfare Solution For All”, INTEGRA’s mission is to provide innovative solutions and quality services to protect our costumer’s precious investments. Since its early years, INTEGRA has been continuing to expand and advance its service capabilities by being the leading provider of welfare solutions in Indonesia.

Integra Company Profile

Client : PT Cipta Integra Duta
Project : Integra Company Profile
Duration : 0:07:25
Creative Director: Kicky Ferdyan Su
Producer: Berbudi Ksatrya Awangga
Videographer 1: Romaneza Zaimal
Videographer 2: Rockydtsop
Editor: Romaneza Zaimal
Team: Jaka, Kicky FSU

Posted by Klereng Creative on Friday, June 26, 2015