Transmart Carrefour

Transmart Carrefour New Concept,Cikokol Store.
Completion Date:
Videography By Klereng Creative

PT Trans Retail Indonesia

Carrefour has become a family shopping in Indonesia since 1998. Since November 19, 2012, Carrefour in Indonesia already owned by CT Corp. Along with the change of shareholders, the company name changed to PT. Trans Retail Indonesia from previous PT. Carrefour Indonesia.

Transmart Carrefour New Concept -Cikokol Store

Client : PT. Trans Retail Indonesia
Project : Brand new store Concept -Transmart Carrefour
Duration : 0:07:36
Producer : BK Awangga
Creative Director: Iqbal Wibisono
Editor : Lintang
Videographer /DOP: Oki

Posted by Klereng Creative on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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